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About me :-

You can contact me by email if you need any more information or are interested in purchasing any of the works:-">

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Angela is a self taught artist- an "outsider" artist -  and works in her studio/shed in the garden.

She is President of Stockport Art Guild and is an active participant of portrait and life drawing sessions

Angela utilises traditional mark making, represented here in her delicately impressionistic paintings, her dynamic rendering of movement and the assured figurative line of her charcoal life studies. While there are a variety of approaches on show, there is a cool detachment and sense mystery that is consistent throughout her work.


The works showing here are mainly completed alla prima, in time spans ranging from two minutes to two hours and the results are a spontaneous reaction to the ideas in her mind or the figure in front of her.


Using both Charcoal and paint, she finds herself continually drawn to the human form asserting that “life drawing endlessly challenges and stretches the artist.” The studies vary from quick sketches to more studied pieces that convey movement of the figure in the short poses, and a more considered approach in the longer poses. Specific pieces where the figures seem to be situated in a specific external setting (Waiting and The Letter) are drawn from her imagination and, with their evocative open ended titles, suggest a moment plucked from a wider narrative.


Angela has won awards and exhibited her work in various venues in the North and London areas and was accepted into the Manchester Academy of Fine Art (MAFA) in 2018.

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